With over 30 million Americans experiencing some level of lower back pain each year, the need for non-surgical home remedies for mild back pain is paramount. Dr. Joseph Kay of Arlington Orthopedics Associates offers these 5 simple home remedies for lower back pain.

1.) Avoid lifting then twisting
You should always maintain a proper posture when lifting. Your back should be straight, never curved, and your legs should have with a bend at the knee. Remember to lift with your legs, they are the strongest muscle group in the body and will prevent you from putting unnecessary torque on the lower back. Finally, avoid twisting at all. The body is best positioned straight forward when lifting as this will prevent lower back stress.

2.) Stay Hydrated
Over 50% of injuries occur in a state of dehydration. There is no substitute for water. Exercise performance is impaired when an individual is dehydrated by as little as 2% of body weight. Even muscle endurance can be greatly diminished during moderate exercise.

3.) Maintain Flexibility
Finding 5-10 minutes every day to stretch out your joints is crucial to maintaining a strong and healthy lower back.

4.) Maintain a Strong Core
It’s not always easy to find the time for exercise. However, if you are limited to only one exercise per day make it a plank. Tightening and strengthening your core will allow you to maintain a proper posture, keep the muscles throughout the body stabilize and keep you fitter longer into life.

5.) Maintain a healthy body weight for your height
Excessive stomach fat can be detrimental to your lower back. We’ve all heard it a hundred times, diet and exercise… diet and exercise… but the reality is keeping a healthy body mass index (bmi) is essential to taking stress off of your back and leading a healthy life.


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