6 Things You Should Know About Back Surgery

It is quite common to have anxiety leading up to back surgery.

It is quite common to have anxiety leading up to back surgery.  As Dr. Wieser* of AOA Orthopedic Specialists states: “When confronted with the need for spinal surgery, I recommend that every patient ensure that their surgeon is a fellowship-trained spinal surgeon that is board certified.  A surgeons training is his or her foundation for knowledge and experience in treating spine patients in the most advanced and appropriate techniques for the patients condition.”

Here are the top 6 things Dr. Wieser thinks you should know about spinal surgery:

1.)  Technology

There have been significant technological advances in spinal surgery since 1990.  From lasers to robotics, from live x-rays to new biomaterials for spinal implants, all have created a new world for back surgery leading to fewer complications and quicker recoveries than at any point in history.

2.) Minimally Invasive

The last 20 years have seen the greatest advances made in back surgery as well.  New minimally-invasive spinal surgery procedures have revolutionized the industry over the past 20 years and doctors at AOA have been perfecting this procedure even further each and every year.

3.) Smaller Incisions
Let’s face it, no one wants a large scar.  Since incisions can now be made smaller than ever, minimally invasive surgeries can lead to fewer and fewer nerve and muscle damages – ultimately leading to a quicker and safer recovery.

Back Surgery Team

4.) A Team Approach

Back surgery alone cannot solve all of your issues.  With our highly experienced team of surgeons, pain-management physicians, and physical therapists here at AOA, patients are consistently finding that they can return to their lives faster and healthier than ever before.

5.) Patient-Directed Care

It’s your health care and it’s important you know each and every component of the process and have all of your concerns, questions, and needs understood.  AOA understands this and promises to give each patient the same responsive, innovative and compassionate care as we would our own families.

6.) Improved Patient Outcomes

Ultimately, it’s the reason you’re here.  You want the highest quality results possible and it’s a reality here at AOA Orthopedic Specialists that we take great pride in. Please come in today and let us show you how we can improve your life.

Dr. Wieser
*Eric Wieser, MD Texas Comprehensive Spine Center @ AOA Orthopedic Specialists www.tcspinecenter.com Ranch Owner Squaw Mountain Ranch – Trophy Whitetails and Exotics www.smrhunts.com