Welcome to Texas Comprehensive Spine Center

Founded in 2004 as a Center of Excellence within the Arlington Orthopedic Associates, the Texas Comprehensive Spine Center (TCSC) meets the spine care needs of patients in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

The Center combines services for ease and convenience, while simultaneously providing the most advanced spine care for patients. With interdisciplinary cooperation between surgeons, physical therapists, pain management physicians, hospitals and imaging centers, the TCSC delivers the most advanced evidence-based care for patients with spinal afflictions.

Texas Comprehensive Spine Center Video

Spinal stenosis left Anne Ingle wondering if she would have to spend the rest of her life in a wheel chair. The doctors at Texas Comprehensive Spine Center helped her to find relief through surgery so she can get back at it.

Texas Comprehensive Spine Center Video

Once ad avid basketball player, Charles Hale, found that even standing was painful. After his surgery with the doctors at Texas Comprehensive Spine Center, he was up and walking within hours. Now he is back at the game he loves.

Bosha WFAA Good Morning Texas

Dr. Eric Wieser makes an appearance on Good Morning Texas discussing back pain and helps to inform us on under what circumstances we should visit a doctor for relief.

Texas Comprehensive Spine Center Video

Dr. Eric Wieser speaks on intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring and some of the benefits that occur as he is able to monitor his patient and make sure that they are comfortable during their procedures.

Humanitarian Work by TCSC Team

Humanitarian Work

The TCSC Team performed lumbar decompression surgery on a recent medical mission trip to Peru. Dr. Wieser, who is committed to serving those who are underprivileged in Texas and abroad, participates in yearly medical mission trips with various humanitarian organizations.

Spine Education

View our informative video animations that illustrate spinal conditions and the procedures that can be done to correct them.

Texas Comprehensive Spine Center Spine Education


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